What is Crossfit?

Crossfit is a strength and conditioning brand that combines sprinting, gymnastics, powerlifting, weightlifting, kettlebell training, abmats, plyometrics, rowing, and medicine training. As a core strength and conditioning program for many governmental and armed services, including police, firemen, military, army, and navy associations, Crossfit has become well known as an elite workout program.

To learn more about Crossfit from Crossfit World Champion Rich Froning, check out First What it Takes to Win.

Over the past few years, Crossfit has increased in popularity with the expansion of the "Crossfit Games." Started in 2007, The "Crossfit Games" are a series of rigorous athletic competitions that identify the "World's Fittest Male" and "World's Fittest Female" athletes. Each year, thousands of athletes compete in regional rounds of competitions to finalize a select group of athletes that will compete in the final round of competition. To understand the training that goes into the games, check out Training for the Crossfit Games.

Crossfit Deals

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Crossfit Deals can be found across multiple digital sites, including Google Maps, FourSquare, Groupon, and Living Social. These Crossfit coupons provide discounted rates to new or returning members.

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Crossfit Coupon Code

When searching for the ultimate Crossfit Coupon code, it's important to know if your gym will accept an online code or discount. Some Crossfit gyms will occasionally offer one-time or seasonal online discounts to help increase business. These discounts are offered around the winter or summer season as business can decrease. Typically, these are more profitable to the particular Crossfit gym then offer a discount through a third-party site, such a Groupon.

Sometimes the most effective online coupon code is a face-to-face conversation with the particular Crossfit gym owner. Typically gyms that have just started may be willing to negotiate their price a little, if they are trying to establish a membership base.

Additionally, if you are a police man, fire fighter or in the armed services, some Crossfit affiliates may offer a discount.

If you are a student or experiencing economic hardship, some Crossfit owners may be more inclineed to offer a reduce rate or coupon code to help.

One of the most effective coupon codes to create your own Crossfit workout center in the comfort of your home. If you are interested in creating your own Crossfit gym, check out these discounts on excellent Crossfit products.

Crossfit Thrusters

Crossfit Thrusters are a powerful weight lifting movement that incorporates the front squat and a push-press. The compound exercise is excellent for toning the quads, core and shoulders.

When completing the Thruster it's important to incorporate to make a smooth transition from the front squat to the push-press. Typically, the most common weight for a Crossfit Thurster is 95lbs or 135lbs.

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Crossfit Push Jerk

The Crossfit Push Jerk is a progression of the push press that incorporate a hip drive underneath the bar. Dropping the hips under the bar helps with getting the weight overhead.

Typically athletes that successful perform the Push Jerk can lift more weight than the push press and shoulder press movements. It's typically recommended to practice with a plastic pipe or wooden pole when learning the push jerk and then scale up to an Olympic bar.

Cheap Crossfit Equipment

If you are searching for the best Crossfit equipment online, check out unbelievable deals on equipment overview here. From jump ropes to kettle bells, it's important to invest in equipment that will last and is a good financial deal.

As more and more individuals, particularly less athletic individuals, try Crossfit, more equipment is purchased and then simply not used. Similar to someone buying a treadmill to start a New Years Resolution and only running on it a handful of times, there are thousands of individuals who try Crossfit and barely use the equipment they purchased for it.

Sites like Ebay and Craigslist are good starting points for used Crossfit equipment. If you are searching for heavy equipment, such as Olypic weights, it's recommend to only browse Craigslist to help avoid expensive shipping fees.